The Carrington’s and Colby’s tales will hook you again. Let’s check how!?

Dynasty is an American television series, based on 1980’s modernized reboot. It revolves around the two wealthy families of America and their children.

The series with 44 episodes revolves around the two American wealthy, super glossy families Carrington and the Colby’s and their kids. This American television series is hugely a captivating drama with exciting twists and turns.
The season one was successful with 22 episodes and left a significant impact on the audiences. The characters, storyline, the plot every little thing is appealing and will leave you in awe. The cast and their acting skills create a great connection with their characters, which will make you fall in love with them.

Blake and Fallon were outstanding in all the best ways possible. The relationship between Blake and his kids is very beautifully written and shown by the creators. Lovely chemistry was seen between Sam and Steven. And Fallon kept raising the bars high with her fantastic performance in the series.

The second season was recently released, and fans can’t stop talking about it. Just as season one, the actors are phenomenal in season 02 as well. It has 22 episodes with lots of drama and humor which do not fail to impress the audiences. Though season 2 has also received some mixed reviews it has still managed to sail the boat successfully. The presence of James and Mat is missing, which kind of disappoints the fans. But the humor and unexpected twists balance in the best way.

Fallon is a star. Though she is a spoilt brat, what a brat, she is very smart and brilliant at whatever she does and ends up receiving claps. These both super-rich families with their dark secrets and an excellent way of manipulating other’s will keep you entertained.

If you’re not interested in Zombies, Murders, Science Fiction, this is your stuff to have fun. This super light and well-narrated series will make you fall in love with the soap operas. There’s everything you need to enjoy and have fun with your family. No doubt you’ll be hooked and choose to binge watch. Both the seasons are available on Netflix. Start watching now!!!