Emma Thompson not in Star Wars: confirms herself

Well, we the news of the rejection of Emma Thompson has spread within no time. Emma Thompson who is an Oscar-winning actress was last seen in her latest release Man In Black: International as Agent O, she has done some excellent performance over the years in mostly period dramas with a taste of wittiness. The British Actress, screenwriter, the comedian has a great fan following and people would have loved her to watch in a Star Wars movie!


Star Wars is quite a long series, or you may call franchise of movies beginning from the year 1972. The first movie was released by George Lucas in 1972 called Star Wars sci-fi, action, fantasy movie which gained a huge response. Later in 1980 and 1983, The Empire Strikes Back and Return of Jedi was released related to the first-star wars movie. But again later these three were renamed as Episode I, II and III and altogether as the Original Trilogy. After some years a Prequel Trilogy was released continued to that a TV series, a cartoon series, animated series, and standalone movies were released all related to Star Wars concept under Lucasfilm and Disney Production. The latest is going to release in 202O which is a stand-alone movie.



Recently on Wired Autocomplete interview Emma Thompson revealed that her agent talked to Lucasfilm and Walt Disney about her being a part of last star wars movie but the offer was rejected by them. Mindy Kaling who was with Emma in the interview said that Emma would look great as “the young Jedi that has lost their will to live and ends up in a forest somewhere and someone appears to teach them” to which Emma says “ or I could be Jabba the Hutts handmaiden, I squeeze those frogs for him”. We don’t know what could be reason behind not accepting Emma Thompson by the production but it would have been great they had her, for both the fans of star wars and Emma Thompson.