Get ready for nostalgia with Destroy All Humans Remake!

The very first series of “Destroy all humans” was launched in the year 2005 on 21st June. It is an alien-related game where an alien named Cryptosporidium shortly known as Crypto- 137 invades earth to destroy everything and take over it. Destroy all humans was set in the late 1950s in the United States where the set up was according to the era. Over the years there have been two to three parts of the game, but the recent is said to be the ultimate remake and developed by Pandemic Studios.

The gamer acts as the alien Crypto- 137 which gets advice from the fictional alien world on what to do. The character is designed having a big head and being pale violet who attacks humans, animals, and hypnotizes them for his benefit and conquer the world.


At E3 2019 publisher THQ NORDIC announced the remake Destroy All Humans releasing in 2020 almost after 15 years. Many people have their childhood memory with the former gameplay, and that’s why the news of remake is delightful for them. The story baseline is almost the same but with better control and features, which adds a level of excitement. It will be available for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.


The remake of Destroy all humans video gameplay has better control like the analog stick to move left, and right, some new dialogues have been added, and a better display along. New moves maybe there but not yet confirmed. The things that remain unchanged are the music, reading mind and hypnotizing feature and the alien being a member of fictional furon life. The things which remain unchanged give a nostalgic feeling to the gamers. Like you, we also can’t wait for its arrival.

Image credits: google images > YouTube and game