Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez about to enter the wedlock

Jennifer Lopez to step into the wedlock with Alex Rodriguez. She will be walking down the aisle for the fourth time. Lopez seems hopeful of this marriage this time. She does not count her previous marriages as marriages at all. Jennifer Lopez is of the opinion that a right partner helps a person to grow. She premises this assertion on her own experiences with Alex Rodriguez.

Jennifer Lopez enters into wedlock with Alex Rodriguez

In a recent interview, Lopez has confirmed her wedding with Alex Rodriguez. she asserts that this time she would be preferring a religious marriage. Jennifer would be walking down the aisle for the fourth time. The forty-nine-year-old pop singer and actress has said she has already made her commitments to Rodriguez. She also is assertive of the hypothesis that this marriage will be different from the previous three. Her claims are that she had never been married in a Church. However, this time, the endeavor of entering the wedlock shall totally be religious.

The Problems with the Preceding Marriages

Jennifer says that she was married early in both her marriages. First, she was married to a dancer and then to a choreographer. She says that she was in her premature age, not wise enough to understand the whole concept of marriage. However, she was then married to Marc Anthony for ten years. She also shares with him a pair of twins, aged eleven. They had to split after ten years after the divorce was finalized.

Jennifer’s views on Marriage


Lopez has given a witty reply of the curiosities of the audience when she was asked about her previous marriages. In due course, she also shares her perspectives regarding marriage. She does not count her previous marriages as marriages at all. According to her, marriage is not only to have someone all throughout your life. A marriage is successful only when the person you have chose to invest your life in, helps you to grow. Lopez affirms the fact that Rodriguez has helped her to be a better person. She seems very hopeful of her new life with Alex Rodriguez. She seems utterly confident about the longevity this time.