What? Are Good Girls Turning into Bad Girls in “Good Girls Season 3”


    Females have an exciting personality and mind. They are indeed complicated and delicate, but the most powerful when it comes to their family. “Good Girls” from NBC takes you to the lives of three girls who are leading through the financial crisis.

    Three girls Beth and Annie, two sisters with their best friend Ruby, lives a hard life. Beth is a perfect housewife cheated by her husband and left by him under financial issues where her sister Annie is a single mother who works as a cashier in a store — not known by the fact that her daughter is being bullied at school. She is all surrounded by the problems created by his ex as he wants the custody of his daughter on the basis of higher income than his ex-wife.

    Ruby, who is a housewife who married a policeman whose income cannot satisfy the medical needs of their daughter.

    What? Are Good Girls Turning into Bad Girls in "Good Girls Season 3"

    What will they do now to get through this financial crisis?

    They plan to rob the store where Annie works. They planned to robe $30 million with the inner information Annie has, but they catch more than what they could even think of.

    The store was used by some criminal gang to store their money and all which leads them away deep into the crime world.

    After looting the store, they were openly spending money when one of the people from the gang comes to them to ask them for all the money they have robbed.
    For returning the money and to walk back in their lives, they are trying their best but moving deep and deep in this dark world.

    How many seasons are there?

    There are 2 seasons with 10 and 13 episodes each telecasted in early 2018 and 2019 respectively.
    Season 3 is going to come out in 2020 and is expected in early 2020 based on the assumptions.

    How season 2 ended?

    It ended with suspense as Beth shot Rio (one of the members of the criminal gang and love interest of Beth) instead of detective Turner. Now it is expected that Rio is not dead and will team up with Turner to catch the crimes these three does together.

    Where Annie and Ruby try to get back to their old lives but will they be able to do so? Will they lead back to the lives they always wanted to? Will Annie be happy her new love interest or with her ex?
    With these questions in our mind, we all are waiting for the release of season 3 of “Good Girls” who have become bad in 2020.

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