Zendaya promotes and warns her fans both at the same time. Let’s check why!?

Well, triggers, thrills, and chills are old yet are the very powerful elements of the new upcoming shows. Similarly, the new show of Zendaya “Euphoria” released on HBO.

This Sunday a new show based on the teen world was premiered on HBO starring Zendaya as the main lead as Rue and she delivered an amazing performance as Rue, who is a drug addict and has some really big issues as comparatively of her age.

During the promotion of the show, Zendaya warns her audience to make sure, they are strong enough to deal with some really disturbing scenes. She says the show has really some episodes which are extremely triggering and can make one’s heart sad and may affect them in the wrong way.

She uploaded the photo on Instagram talking about the same issue, and warns her fans socially too. She ends up her post Saying “Please only watch if you feel you can handle. Do what’s best for you.”

The entire show is darker, deeper and has explicit content. Not every show will be made for you, and so is the story with this brand new show. This is a teen show! But not sure, will all the teenagers be able to take all of this portrayed on screens.

Zendaya also said, the entire script is not fictional, It’s about somebody’s else story. Maybe not your story but definitely somebody’s else story. There are teens around the world who are going through all of this. The show isn’t intentionally darker, it is shown the way it is. Well, the critics can totally say in a way “less filtered.”

This Disney star is being phenomenal in this new show. When asked about how you ended up signing the show!? She said, I read the first episode fast and felt connected in a crazy way. Also, I wanted to grab up as an actor, as I could feel my work and career graph was all stagnant for a long time.

Euphoria is created by, Sam Levinson and the first episode was premiered on 16 June 2019 on HBO.