Ashley and Cara make their relationship official and Cara was the first to take up !!

Ashley and Cara make their relationship official. They also reveal certain facts about their relationship. They had their tough years to face. There was an onslaught of harsh criticism. The couple is going on well.

Ashley and Cara share hearts

Lately, the rumors about the relationship between the British model Ashley Benson and Pretty Little Liar’s star Cara Devigne have been confirmed. The personalities have brought their relationship to the limelight. They have confirmed that they are dating. They have been in a relationship for a few months. When they were asked to reveal a bit more about the details of their relationship, from to the end, Cara was the first to take up. She said that at Trevorgala when she was asked to speak a few words on stage, she had made a mention of her lover for Ashley. Cara has also said that after the tough times she had to go through due to certain circumstances, she learned properly about love when she bumped into Ashley. She calls Ashley by the name Sprinkles which is the cutest of all pet names.

Coming to Ashley’s reciprocation to Cara’s love. Ashley too was seen sharing pictures with her girlfriend Cara on Instagram.

Did everything go right?

When it comes to a queer relationship even amongst the stars, even they are not privileged to be embraced by the world. Ashley and Cara share the difficulties they had to undergo and still have to face after the revelation of their relationship was made. They might have fans in huge numbers but there are homophobes still in existence. The couple had to face harsh taunts and criticisms. They were judged and ridiculed as well. On the other hand, they were embraced by many. In spite of mockeries, they are too cool to care about anything, they say.

However, the new couple is deemed beautiful together and they assure its of its longevity.