“Ashley Benson” and “Cara Delevingne” Spotted Kissing, Follow the Complete Relationship Story!

Ever since the rumors about Cara Delevingne and Ashley Benson started circulating around last year, there have been many speculations from fans about them being an official couple. We cannot completely cross them out saying they are just rumors seeing how both Cara and Ashley have been throwing more than obvious hints about them hitting off together.

Ever since the couple was spotted kissing at the London’s Heathrow airport in Aug 2018, they have been the object of a couple of snaps involving PDA.

It all started in May 2018, when Cara and Ash have been seen coming out of a bowling alley holding hands, after sharing pics on their Instagram. Fans have been psyched ever since and have already started shipping them.

Ashley has been spotted wearing a ‘C’ necklace (assuming it symbolizes Cara) the time they were spotted having a PDA at the airport.
In the same month, Ashley neither denied nor confirmed their relationship instead opting for the “I like to be private about my personal life” line.

In September, they were spotted at the premiere of their new indie flick Her Smell. Though we do not have any evidence to prove that they went cozy on the set, we can’t wait to check the movie to see if they have any onscreen sizzling chemistry.

What was weird here was Ashley’s comment on Cara’s IG photo. When the fans were busy freaking out and shipping them together officially, Asley admitted that her IG account was hacked implying that it wasn’t her who commented “mine” on Cara’s snap. However, we do not know for sure if this is the truth or a cover-up story for disaster management.

In October 2018, Ashley was seen leaving a hotel in NYC along with a woman wearing a pink monkey mask. Suspiciously enough, the mysterious woman has the same body and looks like Cara. I wonder who that was?
Around the month December, seeing how they haven’t been spotted for quite some time there were rumors of how they must have broken up. Though they could be just that, rumors, what we can safely assume, if not a break up is that the couple was definitely having a hard time.

Though later, we had proof that they’re good as Cara reportedly rented out the entire Natural history museum in London for a sleepover as a Birthday gift to Ashley. How much sweeter can they get?
In March 2019, Stylist Jami Mizrahi shared a snap in which the couple was seen embracing in the backseat of a car.

Despite many negative comments from a few fans, the couple stood strong defending each other.
This month, June, especially made it very obvious that they are an item. All those people who were in denial so long now have no ammunition for their point.

According to US weekly, Ashley sold out her home in LA and moved in with Cara.
If this isn’t obvious enough for you, I do have another news up my sleeve. A while back (“while” here refers to at the most two days), Cara posted a steamy makeout video in which Cara and Ashley can be seen in a very passionate kiss on her IG page. Benson replied with heart emojis thus confirming their related claims.

So what do you think? Do you ship them together also or you just feel that this is just a fling? Share us your opinion in the comments below!