Good Girls renewed for season 3: Release on Netflix? and plot details!

Right after six episodes into the season 2, Good Girls has been renewed for season 3. The fact that the third season was already renewed while season 2 was still on air shows how big of a response the previous seasons got.

The show revolves around three women, who each have their own problems and chronicles of their adventures of crime. The three women, Beth, Anne, and Ruby are played by Christina Hendricks, Mae Whitman, Retta respectively who have made a huge difference in the success of the series.

Here’s what we know about the newly renewed season 3 so far!

Good Girls renewed for season 3
When is the release?

As usual, since this is too early for an official confirmation of the release date. We do not know the release date or even how long of a season will the third one be. However, looking at season 1 and 2 schedules, we can predict the expected range of release.

If all goes as planned, we might catch the season 3 premiere somewhere around the late February or early March of next year.

This 2020 series will likely consist of around 10 to 13 episodes if what the previous seasons say is true.

What is the cast?

Let’s not bore ourselves with the names of the supporting cast and all other characters which you will be able to check out with a single google search. Nevertheless, you already know that the main cast will most possibly remain untouched.

Hendricks, Whitman, and Retta will as a usual feature in the third season too. There have been no major changes coming to the cast members, which implies that the same cast of season 2 will be returning for the season 3.

Good Girls renewed for season 3

What is the story?

Though we do not know the exact plot propagation, we can predict the major things that this season will focus on.

The first thing this season will revolve around will be how the girls pull off the new scheme made by Beth regarding money to start banking again?
Other loose plot strands include the duo Rio and Turner will catch Beth in the event of committing a crime. It will also see whether Ruby’s secret will be revealed to her husband and Annie’s love interests when it comes to her ex-husband and the new love conquest.

This season will definitely go deeper into the dynamic friendship between the girlfriend trio. These women will evolve from fights and their love for each other forging strong bonds which are put to test in various situations.