Lost in Space season 2 Coming or Cancelled: Everything you need to know

It’s official! Netflix has confirmed the second season of the family science fiction show ‘Lost in Space.’

The Lost in Space franchise is not a new series having debuted during the height of Sci-fi TV in the 1960s. There have been significant remakes of the franchise ever since-a movie in 1988 and a TV show in 2004 and Netflix’s 2018 version that attempts to modernize the series for another generation.

What to expect from Lost in Space season 2?

The original series is based on a reimagining of the 1812 novel ‘The Swiss Family Robinson.’ It follows the adventures of a family of space colonists whose spaceship crashes onto an alien planet very much like our own. Despite the show’s name, the Robinson family in Season 1 weren’t technically lost as they had multiple ships on the same planet. However, everything will change with season 1’s cliffhanger ending that left the Robinsons truly lost in space.

Lost in Space season 2 Coming or Cancelled: Everything you need to know
Lost In Space
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Series co-creators Buck Sharpless and Matt Sazama told Indiewire that they are working on season two and have some ideas.

“We are working on scripts and hoping that, if we get a green light, we’re ready to go,” Sazama said. “We’ve had a lot of thoughts about it. Hopefully, if everyone watches it, we’ll get to see more adventures of the Robinsons. We do have some crazy stuff planned out that we hope we get to film.”

Cast and Release Date:

Netflix has yet to announce the release date for the upcoming season. It is highly likely that Lost in Space season 2 will release in fall 2019. There have been rumors about season 2 release date to coincide with the release of a tie-in novel in November 2019.Molly Parker reveals Lost in space Season 2 Timeline, release date & more

Lost in Space season, two might be looking at some changes-it could either be much bigger or much smaller. That Hashtag Show reports that at least two more characters will join Lost in Space season 2. One of the characters is called Ava, a mechanically-inclined woman between her 20s and 40s, who is ‘hardworking and serious.’ The second character is that of Commander Jiang, the captain of the Resolute.

Lost in Space gained immense popularity after Season 1 leaving the fans hoping for an even better follow-up series.