Production begins on Christopher Nolan new masterpiece ‘Tenet’ will hit theaters in 2020.

Everyone has heard of the guy who makes an amazing movie, well most of the movie-makers make amazing movies, but the thing about this guy is extraordinary. Christopher Nolan is often regarded as the genius and maestro in movie-making. Well, he is, his movies are like out of the box that you don’t see in conventional cinema.

Nolan is an auteur in film making; his movies frames are deeply shallowed to depth with real-life places rather than a studio. His films are exceptionally influenced by film-noir. The styles of mise en abyme and recursions with heavily influenced narrative make his film engaging and in-experiencing with the audience.

Till now starting from the debut film Following (1998), he has directed 10 different remarkable movies. From psychological thriller to the comic adaptation to science fiction, he has created lots of variation in movie making. Now marching towards the eleventh venture in film-making Christopher Nolan will produce and direct the new action-thriller movie named Tenet. 

The film is set to star John David Washington, Robert Pattinson, Elizabeth Debicki, Dimple Kapadia and not to forget Micheal Caine. Micheal Caine has been featured in six of Nolan’s movies. In May 2019, the principal photography for the film began, Back in February, Nolan traveled Mumbai for inspecting the areas, and now in September, some scenes are going to take place.

One of the actors Robert Pattinson said, he only read the script once in a closed room. This means Nolan particularly wants the film to be secretive. An excerpt from his 2006 film, The Prestige he said about the film secrecy,  ‘The audience doesn’t know what they want. They want to be surprised.’

Whatever will be the script or the storyline, it is sure that the movie is going to be outstanding. Wait until the Tenet hits theater on July 17, 2020.