‘The 100’ Stars Eliza Taylor and Bob Morley’s surprise: They got married!


    The avid fans of The 100 were stunned with a huge surprise when the on-screen best friends announced that they got actually married.

    Eliza Taylor and Bob Morley seemingly were friends both on and off the screen. And while the fans and viewers were expecting things to heat up on the screen, the opposite happened. Both of them took to Twitter for this exigent revelation.

    Their divulgance of their marriage received no more than stunned and shocked replies when Taylor posted.

    “Recently I married my best friend and soul mate @WildpipM. We are very happy and ask that you keep your comments kind and respect our privacy at this time,” Taylor shared.

    This was the first time the couple even announced that they were together despite the speculations. Needless to say, to expect a wedding of your favourite couple out of the blue is staggering.

    Morley added by saying,”It is with such a full heart that I call @MisElizaJane my wife. This is something we both cherish very deeply and are beyond happy. Please remember to be respectful and kind to one another. Be well be kind.”

    Though it was still unbelievable for the fans, things got clarified and confirmed when the show’s creator Jason Rothenberg and co stars Richard Harmon and Henry Ian Cusick also congratulated them.

    “I want to wish my deepest congratulations to @MisElizaJane and @WildpipM! May they have a lifetime of happiness and love,” Rosenberg wrote.

    The 100 is on its sixth season now and fans have been shipping the newly weds since 2014. The characters are not together on the show yet but they have definitely added more excitement to look forward to in real life.