The World of Thra at Risk!! All About the Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance

Based on the 1982 classic ” The Dark Crystal,” this new series is a prequel. The world of Thra is at risk, and the fight between the Geflings and the Skeksis is worth the watch.

This Jim Henson inspired movie was in the discussion since 2017, and now the wait has ended!!


The story revolves around three Geflings, namely- Rian, Brea, and Deet. The darkness in the trailer seems to grow when they come to know about some grave secret of the Skeksis. A rebellion is on the go. Will they be able to survive the fate of Thra?


The series will be releasing on the 30th of August, 2019. Netflix will be broadcasting the series. Taron Egerton will play the lead roles as Rian; Anya Taylor Joy as Brea and Natalie Emmanuel as Deet. The director of the film, Louis Leterrier, in an interview said that he has been working for 22 hours every day for the making of this movie. He was also clear that he did not want to disappoint the fans in any way. Even though the CEO wants to make more seasons of the show, Leterrier wants a break for a while before he can work on it again.


Based on the TV series, En Masse (a video gaming company) has made a game for the fans to fulfill the prophecy. In this game, the players will have battles with the Skeksis, discover more about the world of Thra. The director of the company has stated that not only will the game contain the characters of the series but will also have new characters and new adventures.

The date for the release of the game has not been declared yet. But it can be assumed that it may be released later this year.