Gloria Venderbilt, the Creater of Venderbilt Jeans Rested In Peace at 95

On Monday, the news of the sad demise of American socialite, fashion designer, and writer who was the original ‘poor little rich girl’ left many with tears in eyes. The 95-year-old rests with a creatively fulfilled life after fighting with an advanced stage stomach cancer. The favorite Vanderbilt jeans’ creator was admitted to the hospital earlier in the month.

Anderson Paid Final Respect

On Tuesday his son Anderson Cooper, the renowned CNN anchor paid the final respect to the heiress of Vanderbilt railroad fortune. The somberness on her face was revealing the wealth he lost in the form of her mother. She received the last honor at a private family cemetery in Staten Island. Notably, in the 2016 HBO documentary, “Nothing Left Unsaid” we came across the plan that after her demise she will be rested aside her beloved husband Wyatt Copper and her son Carter Copper.

Anderson Cooper Looked on as pallbearers loading Gloria's casket into the hoarse,
Anderson Cooper Looked on as pallbearers loading Gloria’s casket into the hoarse,

Wyatt was the magazine editor to whom she married in 1964 after the end of her third marriage with film director Sidney Lumet. At the age of 50, Wyatt died of a heart attack in 1978. Her son Carter died at 23 after being fallen in front of her eyes from the terrace of Vanderbilt’s Manhattan.

Gloria’s Son’s Message After the Demise

After Gloria’s demise, the 52-year journalist penned a saddened message where he said that her mother’s love for him was the greatest gift. Anderson’s Instagram post read as “In the end, after all else is stripped away, there is only love. My mom believed in love more than anyone. It was her guide, her solace, it’s what drove her, and in her final moments, it is what surrounded her. “I love you, and you know that,” she would say to me, and I did, I knew it from the moment I was born, and I will know it till the moment I die. It was her greatest gift to me.”

On Monday night CNN paid honor to legend with a memoriam which was voiced by her son Anderson. It shows her life that goes on with her family, career, and passions. The night show that Cooper host usually was aired without him on Monday.

Anderson Cooper and Gloria Vanderbilt, Credit: Rabbani and Solimene Photography/WireImage)
Anderson Cooper and Gloria Vanderbilt, Credit: Rabbani and Solimene Photography/WireImage

Anderson, Stan, and Christopher survived the lady of creativeness. Stan and Christopher were Gloria’s son from her second husband Leopold Stokowski who was a conductor. She got the custody rights of them after a divorce with Leopold in 1955.