‘Tayla Damir’ and ‘Dom Thomas’ are no longer together!

Love Island Australia’s Tayla Damir is no longer dating Dom Thomas according to the latest developments. Though if you’re looking for some breakup scandal drama, this is not the right place for you!

Back when they first started to date in October 2018, 22-year-old Tayla thought she found love. Dom was single; however, Tayla had a boyfriend with whom she then recently broke up. Then Cupid was on their side, and they started seeing each other.

The couple started having cute romantic getaways and dates for quite a few months. Nevertheless, it looks like they were never meant to be.

'Tayla Damir' and 'Dom Thomas' are no longer together!
They have admitted to breaking up with each other amicably on this Wednesday via their joint YouTube account.

In the short clip that featured the couple, Dom said, “We pretty much just needed a bit of time to sort it all out for ourselves, and obviously we were getting asked a lot of questions, but we didn’t really know in our heads where we were at ourselves, so now we just thought it’s time just to let you know that me and Tayla are no longer together.”

'Tayla Damir' and 'Dom Thomas' are no longer together!
Jumping in Tayla cleared all doubts and established that they’re good and do not have any grudges or bad blood between them. Admitting to there being no story behind the breakup, she said, “There’s no drama.

We’re just in different parts and directions in our lives, and that’s just how it is so we hope everyone can respect our privacy and respect that we’re still fine and we’re still mates.”

Both Dom and Tayla agreed that they would support each other in future also and it’s just that the breakup feels right at this moment in their lives.