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Logan Browning is return with Dear White People Season 3, August release date announced & who is the new cast?

Netflix’s satirical comedy-drama Dear White People got its premiere date for the third season. Dear White People initially aired on April 28, 2017, based on the 2014 film directed by Justin Simien which had the same name. On June 21, 2018, Netflix announced the 3rd season of Dear White People which is set on August 2. The story follows several black students at an Ivy League institution concerning the pathetic race relations.

Netflix revealed the premiere date along with a ‘Great Grits Debate’ video featuring all the cast. The announcement embarked the momentous events in history. June 19, 1865, is remembered for the abolition of slavery in the U.S. state of Texas.

The final episode of season two that streamed on May 4, 2018, was named Chapter X. As Rikki Carter touches base grounds on campus, Reggie and Joelle, at last, go to an understanding over their relationship, inviting Sam and Gabe to achieve an agreement also. Sam’s encounter with Rikki doesn’t go as arranged, however on account of Coco and her most startling of partners. Neither does Rikki’s speech goes as planned. Lionel and Sam attempt and join the strange Order of X.

Logan Browning, Marque Richardson, Nia Jervier, John Patrick Amedori, DeRon Horton, and Antoinette Robertson are returning for the third season. Justin Simien promises that the third season will have new characters, new relationships, and new secrets.

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