You won’t believe these plot prediction for 13 Reasons Why Season 3. What is Hannah Baker & Clay Jensen’s future?

13 Reasons Why has been renewed for the third season, and it is expected that the season will return on streaming service, Netflix anytime soon. This critically acclaimed show followed a story of a troubled high school girl who committed suicide. Season One was completely concerned about Hannah Baker (Katherine Langford) and the reasons why she takes her life while season two ran into another mystery with taking Hannah’s death as a primary reason.

The third season will start from the cliffhanger left at the finale of the second season. Tyler thought to carry mass shooting at the school, but Clay stops him doing so and hold the gun. Tony shows up and takes Tyler away. And police sirens are heard, and the finale’s over.

What could happen in 13 Reasons Why season 3?

Planning out mass shooting is a criminal offense, more of terrorism level and police wouldn’t be silence here, of course. So, there may be interrogation with various about the location of Tyler and why he had planned this. This will further result in Monty to be on target. This Monty, the villain guy (possibly) will have consequences for threatening the testifying students and assaulting Tyler. Or Monty will be the next Bryce for season 3.

Since Bryce has faced three month’s probation, he may suffer or feel slight discomfort in way life. With a rapist mind, he could do the atrocious activity again, and new will suffer a lot.

Chloe is pregnant to a child with her so-called rapist boyfriend. With his present creepy condition, she may not go with him; instead, she would have an abortion since the situation is not good to deal with.

Justin Foley had a couple of trouble with his life. Heck of trouble and drug addiction, you name it. Maybe this guy has lots of dark secrets to reveal. Will he be able to fit with the Jensens?

Jessica has also been a victim of sexual harassment from the school athlete, and in season two, she was just frustrated and wrestling the situation to overcome. Later it seemed she is having some sort of relationship with Alex, her best friend. Season three will answer this complicated relationship.