Child’s Play Chucky vs. Anabelle: Who would win?

Child’s Play 2019 is a horror slasher/killer film that is a remake of the 1988 movie with the same title. Directed by Lar Klevberg and written by Tyler Burton Smith, it follows a family that is haunted and terrorized by a doll.

This work was released to the cinemas on June 21 this year just five days before Anabelle comes home hits the cinemas. It looks like this month will be the time of their life for demonic dolls and their fans.

With Anabelle and Chucky having a lot of similarities and a lot more differences, it makes us wonder how the dolls are very same yet being a lot different.
Looking at the events that happen in both the movies, we can see a lot of similarities that intrigue us.

First off, both Anabelle and Chucky were given to the kid/child as a gift. Though in Anabelle the doll was initially non-spirited and was later on possessed, in Child’s Play the mother jumped on the opportunity to take in the doll thinking of her son, Andy.

Anabelle is just a plain doll made of wood, whereas Chucky is an electronic doll that has lost its safety chip.

Child's Play Chucky vs. Anabelle: Who would win?
The intriguing twist is that Child’s Play’s Chucky starts as an innocent doll who wants to be BFFs with Andy, just that he goes about it in wrong ways like going on to being slashing murderer for one.

While Anabelle demon possesses telekinetic abilities and can project itself into human minds, Chuck has voodoo abilities and has also mastered the art of splitting its soul by possessing more than one doll at a time.

Child's Play Chucky vs. Anabelle: Who would win?
Anabelle more like has your typical horror movie features like possessing humans, creepy moving of things around and such lot whereas Chucky sticks to dolls. While Chucky is shown to open his mouth and speak, Anabelle stays there and does creepy stuff without actually being seen moving around.

One similarity that hits us hard on the first look at both the dolls is that they are hideously creepy (No idea why people would buy them, though?).

Child's Play Chucky vs. Anabelle: Who would win?
However, if we do throw in both the sociopathic dolls in a ring to fight, who would win?
When we put this question to Child’s Play’s producer Seth Grahame-Smith, he said, “Chucky, ten times out of ten, with all due respect to Annabelle.” He politely claimed that Chucky would kick Anabelle’s ass.

Whereas, unsurprisingly Gary Dauberman, who has written all the three Anabelle films, firmly thinks Anabelle would win the fight and Chucky would have to work hard to beat the demonic doll.

Let’s wait for Anabelle to come home then, and we might then be able to see them fight at the box office at the least!