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Hannah brown, Jed Wyatt and Haley Stevens, the biggest controversy ever from “the bachelorette”

The Bachelorette is one of the most famous reality show in America where a single lady gets to search for her true love on screen. This year season 15 was launched which was indeed doing well until the controversies hit it so bad that it made them shut it earlier.

The most significant controversy is of Jed Wyatt, who is a singer and a songwriter with whom this year lead Hannah Brown is found to form a good bond.
Only bachelors are allowed to take part, but it seems like Wyatt lied about his relationship status to take part.

Haley Steven, who claims to be the girlfriend of Wyatt since last four before the beginning of the shooting. She proves her relationship and love for him with the screenshots of the chat between them.

Hannah brown, Jed Wyatt and Haley Stevens, the biggest controversy ever from "the bachelorette"

In a given interview she spoke clearly about the relationship and said that Wyatt told her that he would make it up to top 5 to get recognition by people who will help his career.

As a supportive and understandable girlfriend, she agreed with his decision, which he made for his career and spent the night together before he left for the shooting.

She said when she met him in Nashville after he came back, he ignored all explanations she demanded and never contacted her. She brought it all up to tell brown the truth to aware her.

Stevens broke into tears while telling her story but wishes good for both of them. As she believes that it is okay if they genuinely have something but if it is just a publicity stunt, she is sorry for her then. The cast of “the bachelorette” seems to like Wyatt very much as they promoted his recent music show on their profiles.

Hannah brown, Jed Wyatt and Haley Stevens, the biggest controversy ever from "the bachelorette"

They say that Wyatt is a good guy and they spent perfect time with him.
Whereas Hannah Brown says that she wants an honest guy and she enjoyed the time she has spent with Wyatt. She is very generous and thinks that if he will admit it all then also she wants him to love her truly. It doesn’t matter for her that he had a girlfriend the issues of thing her the most is that he loves her now.

This whole drama came out to be the most prominent nation controversy of a reality show which had truly made things go crazy. Now it will be interesting to see who will gain true love here or will they 3 end up as strangers.

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