Lisa Marie Presley’s son is the exact replica of Elvin Presley, Fans say

On Thursday, Lisa took to Instagram and Twitter and shared a pic of herself with all her four kids. The black and white picture depicts the beautiful and precious bond between mommy Lisa and her children. The pic featured Riley Keough, 30, Benjamin Keough, 26, Finley Lockwood, 10, and Harper Lockwood, 10.

The pic captioned,”Mama Lion with cubs ❤️.”  This pic was actually clicked during the celebration of Riley’s 30th birthday which was at the end of May.

But, it is one specific family member who caught people’s attention.Soon after the pic was shared, fans started commenting. A user wrote,”Your son is a twin of your Dad! Nice family!.”

“While your son is identical to your father, but then you are also!”another one said.While another one said, “Very cool how your son has your Dad’s traits and yours.”

No one could resist and couldn’t help themselves from noticing Benjamin’s striking resemblance to his iconic grandfather Elvis Presley. While everybody is a huge fan of “King of Rock and Roll” Elvis Presley, we hope to see Benjamin walk on his grandpa’s footsteps. It would be amazing to see Benjamin working just like Elvis. This will definitely make fans happy.

None the less, even this sneak peak was a treat for fans as they hardly get to see Benjamin. The 26 year old does not have a public instagram profile and prefers to keep his life very private. He hardly gives any interview. But recent his sister, Riley in an exclusive interview spoke about their childhood.

Riley has an amazing acting career ahead. But we also hope to see Benjamin more frequently. So what do you think??? Is Benjamin exact replica of Elvis ?????

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