Netflix’s ‘Mr. Iglesias’: Know more about the comic’s new hilarious creation

New to Netflix is a show created by the known comedian Gabriel Iglesias and featured himself grandly. Initially, while not everyone was happy with the release of this show, it turned out to be pretty decent.

Released just a day back on Netflix as a replacement for One Day at a Time, reviews turned out to be decent if not good. Gabriel Iglesias is known for his witty comebacks and self centred jokes and he did the same in his show.

Iglesias plays a happy and fun and a likable history teacher at a Long Beach public school. He maintains good relations with the principle but problems arise when he clashes with the assistant principle. With differing views in addition to somewhat uproarious situations, the show manages to be a comedy and doesn’t sting to be a regret as such.

Iglesias created the show and he told Entertainment Weekly about his expectations.

“There’s a story we’re exploring with one of the students having attendance issues because she has to work to help her family,” Iglesias explains. “It was important to me that the show be funny but also have substance. My producer Kevin Hench told me in the beginning, ‘I really want this show to have corazon’ (Spanish for ‘heart’). We didn’t want this to be a wacky show, but for it to also have feelings.”

While we’re not sure if he got the desired results, we can only hope for the best. The show revolves around a good teacher, that’s it. A good teacher who wants to ensure attendance and prove the bad guy (assistant principle) wrong.

Also though it isn’t that good of a Netflix show, but the light hearts out there who are still attached to their history classes can definitely stream it once.