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Toy Story 4 Reviews: Is it a Perfect Ending or Just a Worthless Attempt to Gross More?

The news of Toy Story getting renewed for its third franchise fumed many of the viewers and critics, too. The third part of the story seemed a perfect conclusion for them. Back in 2010 when Toy Story 3 was released, we have seen Andy giving Woody (Tom Hanks) and the gang to the little Bonnie as he said goodbye to his childhood and was heading to college. As now the fourth leg is in theatres we can have answers to the questions like: is this part was needed, or it’s just an attempt to gross more by casting the global icons?

So, What’s The Plot of Toy Story 4?

The movie starts with a funny creature created by the Kindergartner(Bonnie). The toy is a spork that has googly eyes, pipe-cleaner hands, and a string mouth. The new toy is ‘Forky’ (Tony Hale). But as he was made up of trash, he hates being a toy. Every time, he returns to the garbage to which he belongs, as per his thinking.

Woody and Forky, Image Credit: Pixar
Woody and Forky, Image Credit: Pixar

Toys’ real story started when the little Bonnie took her toys to old school road trips with her parents. Forky and Woody found themselves lost on the highway in between the journey. In the efforts to return to Bonnie, Woody, along with his old friends from the previous part, meets many new characters who were tricky and was there to stir up Woody’s life.

While searching for RV park, they get trapped in an antique store where Gabby Gabby, uncannily voiced by Christina Hendricks turns up real trouble for the toys. The 1950s cherubic doll at one point channeled the scene to a pang of unbearable sadness.

Toy Story 4 Characters, Image Credit: Pixar
Toy Story 4 Characters, Image Credit: Pixar

Bo Peep’s Comeback

The movie came into an overstuffed phase when we see Woody’s lost love Bo Peep is back in a brand new avatar. Later, she introduced Woody to a Carnival world, which seems fascinating and a dilemma flash out in front of the protagonist. Whether to be with his love to whom he missed a lot or go back to the companionship of the child and be loyal?

We can say that Toy Story 4 is Woody’s journey towards self-realization through a different mindset of Bo Peep, who suffered a lot in the kid’s reign that changed her drastically.

Woody and Bo Peep, Image Credit: Pixar
Woody and Bo Peep, Image Credit: Pixar

Is Toy Story 4 is Good or Bad?

The plot is emotional but not as high as its predecessors. It has funny jokes, but sometimes they failed to create that funniness we have witnessed in the previous parts. Also, the merger of new characters with the old ones seems like havoc in mind. The loose ends, the climax of Toy Story 4 left behinds is another problem viewers can face. Picturization, at some points, also disappointed many.

A Scene From Toy Story 4, Image Credit: Pixar
A Scene From Toy Story 4, Image Credit: Pixar

So, is this is something we can expect from Pixar that has decades of technological innovations in hand? Though Toy Story 4 ended on a respectful bittersweet verge, there can be a better decision making by the Pixar. Because, interestingly, we haven’t noticed any loopholes in the last part of the animated film.

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