What/If Season 2 on Netflix: Everything you need to know about the thriller

With the theme revolving around respected people doing unacceptable things, the thriller miniseries What/If maybe is on for its second season. After the recent and immense success of first season, fans cannot wait for its renewal. After all, its Reneé Zellweger and Jane Levy.

The oscar winning actress, Reneé, featuring in this miniseries has already created a whirlwind. With her supreme acting skills and tight script, What/If was bound to be a success. Also with the rest of the cast, it turns it into a masterpiece.

Premiering freshly on May 24, the series consisting of ten episodes amassed immediate fans and views. With over the top screenplay and melodramatic sequences, it has huge potential to get the green light for second season.

When is Season 2 expected to release?

While Netflix hasn’t made any formal announcement, there’s definitely time. Besides the point, it is also keeping the fans guessing and thrill up.

Netflix takes usually three to six weeks for renewal of any series. And while What/If is still new, we may be close to an announcement soon. If it is to be renewed that is.

But for approximate deductions, it may release on May 2020. Just as all Netflix originals renew after a year.

The Netflix show coming from Mike Kelley, the creator of Scandal, Revenge, and Swingtown promised a lot from the very beginning. And with the splendid cast, the series is just too good to be true.

Honestly, with the evil women and their masterminds, What/If should be definitely renewed and it will be. In just time.