Years and Years: viewers impressed with it’s horrifying scenarios

Till now, we’ve read countless articles and even seen movies showing what our future might look like, but none has been as compelling and horrifyingly real as Years and Years.

Years and Years ended last night:

The six episodes TV series concluded last night on HBO and left its audience in deep thoughts about their responsibility in the world they live. The show starts in 2019 and navigates through the life of the ¬†Lyon’s family during the next fifteen years.

A horrible future…

The series is a blend of kitchen drama and politics with some sci-fi elements. It’s horrifying at its best as it paints a chilling picture of a dark future with a scarcity of food and resources, coastal erosion,populist leaders in power, totalitarian governments a possibility, endless heavy rains, mass internal migration, Ukranian civil war with refugees fleeing, information and energy blackouts, camps filled with untraceable migrants and even transhumans technology rage.

Years and Years
BBC- Emma Thompson as Vivienne Rook

What will our future be in the coming time? The series has answered this question very honestly that it’s frightening to imagine that probably this is the future we all are heading to where we have an unstable political, economic, and technological advances. In one scene, it’s shown that chocolate has become a luxury. Now, that’s horrifying! The show doesn’t have even one moment when the viewers feel bored.

The actors did a great job…

The superb writing of Russell T Davies and the excellent acting skills of the characters in the Lyon family notched up the show to the top. Emma Thompson plays the role of Vivianne Rook, a politician whose thoughts lead to conflicts in the country. Rory Kinnear and his sister play the character of Stephen Lyons. Whereas, Jessica Hyens plays Edit Lyon, who’s a political activist.

BBC- The Lyons

The show has shaken up from our slumber and made us rethink that if we want to live in the future, as shown in the show. If we don’t act now, then nothing can save us from our impending doom. For sure, Years and Years will be remembered by its audience for years and years to come.