Jeff Austin medical emergency and death hoax …here’s everything about it

Update: On his Facebook page it was confirmed that Jeff Austin Passed away on Monday due to some unknown medical condition.

Jeff Austin has been amidst death rumors on since the night of 21st June. The Mandolinist, known for his prior work with Yonder Mountain String Band and current work with his titular Jeff Austin Band is alive despite all rumors floating around.

Jeff’s medical emergency…

Jeff confirmed on Facebook that he had encountered a medical emergency. His statement read, “My friends… due to a medical emergency, I am unfortunately unable to play my sets next week at a ROMP music festival, Back Home Appalachian Arts & Music Festival, and Smoky Run Music Festival. Thanks for your understanding and continued support.” There is no elaboration on what exactly happened to the bluegrass legend to cause this “medical emergency.”

SOURCE: Jeff Austin

Even though Jeff has confirmed that he faces a medical emergency, there’s no news about the sort or degree of crisis he faces. The musician will no longer perform at three upcoming events, namely the ROMP Music Festival, Back Home Appalachian Arts & Music Festival, and Smoky Run Music Festival.


Austin left the Yonder Mountain String Band on April 2014 to forge a solo career. Before this, Austin had been absent from many of the band’s shows thanks to the birth of his daughter. Austin believed that staying home for his newborn daughter was the most right decision he made at that time.

SOURCE: Phantasy Tour

What we know for sure is Austin is still alive and is suffering from a medical emergency of unknown nature. We hope that Austin recovers soon and we see him back on stage.