Is Rocket Going To Die In Guardians Of The Galaxy 3?

We are going to miss the talking raccoon if he dies in Guardians of the Galaxy volume three though this is not yet confirmed.

Is Bradley Cooper’s Rocket Raccoon has completed his lifespan? That’s the question on our minds following recent comments from Guardians of the Galaxy writer/director James Gunn, who discussed the fan favorite superhero character in an interview about his superb firing and bringing back from the Marvel franchise.

In the inhabitant on Earth, raccoons are liable to live for three years. In incarceration, it can be up to 20 – but even by that higher constraint Rocket could be getting a little long life in the movie.

Eventually, the end of Rocket’s story doesn’t mean his death, or he will not be in the role anymore. It could mean a termination to the emotional connection that he’s followed over the two Guardians and most recent Avengers movies, without giving up a fan-favorite character who’s probably not quite as hard to keep around like a few supplemental. It can’t be that costly to get Bradley Cooper in a recording studio, and James Gunn’s brother Sean portrays him on set.

But we just can’t burst the feeling that harsh times could be coming for Rocket and his teammates whenever Guardians of the universe volume 3 finally does come out. And we’ll be wearing thoughtful black bonding goggles to the cinema just in case.

So we end this on a simple note that anything can happen in the story with a rocket. And let’s what will be that thing. We can lose our favorite character.