On 20th July 1969, Apollo11 was landed on the Moon for the first time. It will be the 50th anniversary for this achievement which will be celebrated at George Bush International Airport in July.

Paying tribute to all the scientists who made their footprints on the moon for the first and created history, OTG’s Ember Tavern and Tumblewood Grill in United Airlines terminal C&E at George Bush International Airport are arranging a new menu similar to what Apollo astronauts have in their journey.



  • Two OTG-operating restaurants will serve drinks and food similar to what is being eaten by Apollo 11 astronauts.
  • Gate lounges will always display digital photographs from the Apollo 11 mission for sure.
  •  In Terminals C and E, people use iPads used to order food show space-themed quiz games.
  • APOLLO 11

To go deeper into the roots of space food and technology, the chefs from the Airport themselves went to NASA’s Space Food Systems Laboratory in Houston. “We wanted to understand what food meant to astronauts having that experience and what it means now, we wanted to know the science and philosophy behind space food; where they were then and where it is now,” said Dan O’Donnell, OTG’s head of culinary.

“It wasn’t just about sustenance. Much of it was food that reminded the astronauts of home, like beef and potatoes, tuna salad and sugar cookies. It indicates that food for the journey is not only to give them nourishment and keeps them alive. But most of them reminds them of their home and makes them feel good.


O’Donnell explained like the food will not be exactly like what astronauts eat but with a difference. For instance, our take on the tuna salad uses seared ahi instead of regular tuna. But we are prepared it in the same way with walnuts, grapes, celery, apple, and some fresh yogurt,” said O’Donnell. “The beef and potatoes are grilled with ribeye, scalloped potatoes, and parsley pesto.”

This is a unique way of celebrating a great accomplishment!!