Chicago Police released a video of Smollet with wearing ropes and bleach!!!

There’s again, a new turn with the Jussie Smollett case. The Chicago police are not stopping anywhere soon. The Police have recently released hundreds of files from the investigation from the Smollet’s claim that he was reportedly assaulted by two men.

Recently footage was released which includes a video in which Smollett is seen with the rope and face isn’t showcased clearly, it is blurred. In the video, the Empire actor is seen wearing a white rope. When asked about the rope, Jussie said I wanted you all to see.

When he was talking with the cops, he realized he is been recorded in their camera and said, he wants the camera’s off as he is not comfortable to proceed.
Meanwhile, in the video, it is also recorded that he is telling the police that he also bleach on his body. This video was released after the State judge suggested that a special prosecutor will be appointed in the Jussie’s case. Well, Empire’s sixth and the final season was announced, and when asked about Smollet, Fox said, they have no plans to bring Jussie Smollett back! It was totally confirmed when Daniel himself announced that Smollet won’t be returning to the show.

That means it is sure, we won’t see him in the final segment. It is also been said, that due to all of these recent things happening with Smollet has been the trouble to the show. He also filed a false report and attracted the sympathy for being subjected to a racial and homophobic attack. Due to this, he totally messed up a lot.

Now let’s just stay tuned, to know what will happen next.