‘Deadly Class’ Season 2 is Officially Canceled Forever, Is It True or Not?

Deadly Class Season 1 was ended in March, and it’s season 2 was about to release on Syfy, but now it is officially canceled foreverĀ 

Deadly Class is an American TV series is based on the Comic Series of the Deadly class, Rich Reminder develops it for Spfy. It’s first season’s last episode was released on 20th March 2019.

As we all know it’s the second season was about to be released but on 4th June 2019, Deadly Class Season 2 is officially canceled to be released on Syfy.

Deadly Class season 1 was loved by audience and critics both and everyone was looking for season 2, but now everyone is upset with the news of the cancellation. Fans have been showing frustration with the Syfy.

Therefore, producers have promised to show the series on another platform.

But there is bad news for all the fans who were waiting for Deadly Class season 2 that on 25th June, Rick Remender, producer of the show, had officially stated that it would not come back even on any other streaming platform.

'Deadly Class' Season 2 is Officially Canceled Forever, Is It True or Not?
Credits: Meaww.com

On 25th June Rick Remender tweeted the following :

“Deadly Class will not be moving to a new network. Which is sort of perfect when you think about it. If you want to see what happens after the 1st season, you’ll have to buy the pretty keen comics. Thank you to our fans for the huge support. You helped soothe the sting”.