The veteran solo actor and co-founder of Beatles turned a winning song set Saturday night at Petco Park. In his sold-out San Diego show at Petco McCartney mined his songbook. This is stretched from a pre-Beatles song through a couple of tracks from his Egypt station album.

McCartney san diego concert


We all know it’s rare to hear the performer’s music over the PA before the concert. But he seemed to bring a welcome change in the weather. The beautiful night begins with “a hard day’s night.” He is igniting a fire on the stage with piano and guitar. There were some old, some new and some in-between songs. “Junior’s Farm,” “can’t buy me, love,” “letting go,” “who cares,” and many more.

McCartney san diego concert
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His band is well oiled. Guitarists Rusty Anderson and Brian Ray are in the front line. While keyboardist Paul “Wix” and cheerful drummer Abe Laboriel, round out the band. A trio of horn players popped up several times during the show. So many lovely songs are playing like “let me roll it” and “I have got a feeling.” He proved to be an illuminating force of nature for the fans.


McCartney continues to pay tribute to his fallen comrades. The solo versions of something” and “here today” were touching reflections on the beautiful chemistry among Harrison, Lennon, and McCartney.

“Live and let die” was another radio staple, he uses that song to exceed kiss with pyrotechnics that overpowers the stage. “Band on the run” evoked the summer of 1974. He told the audience of San Diego about the Beatles releasing their SGT.PEPPER album on Friday. McCartney finally winds up his concert with the composition he wrote for the last third road of abbey road. And I must say it was the best way to close the show indeed.


Thousands of phones illuminated Petco Park during “Fuh You.” There was a feeling of contentment and just get lost in his deepest songbook.