SPACEX FALCON Heavy Launch caught from space

SpaceX is a private us aerospace company founded by Elon musks in 2002. Its headquarters are in Hawthorne, California, united states.


spacex launch

The defense department coordinates the mission. But the satellites come from a range of agencies and organizations including NASA.

They include a satellite that will test new telescope technologies and one that hosts a futuristic atomic clock. Another is a solar sail project lightsail2, heads by bill nye(the science guy). Plenty of satellites have solar panels and power onboard computers. The Falcon massive first captured the world’s attention with its flight in feb 2018. The rocket is notable for more than just its power.



A SpaceX Falcon heavy, the most powerful launch vehicle in the world is set to roar into space overnight(June 24). The latest update from SpaceX suggests that the launch occurred at 2:30 am ET from a launch pad in Florida. The weather conditions are 70% favorable. But if the start doesn’t happen as planned, a backup window will open at 8:30 pm PT on June 25.

The mission, dubbed STP2 for the department of defense space test program-2. It will ferry 24 satellites into orbit including lightsail 2. It will also carry a space atomic clock and a satellite that will test a new type of green fuel for NASA.

This mission will be among the most challenging launches in SpaceX history. Total mission duration is over 6 hours, and the final development will occur around 3.5 hours into the mission. The last falcon massive mission deployed its satellite just 34 minutes after launch. Spanx says reusing hardware saves the money, and for the first time, the side bolsters have been reused in a massive Falcon launch.

SpaceX hopes to bring it to own safely home this time. But because of the orbital requirements of the heavy’s payloads, this is going to be extremely difficult.