The legend is back in the game! American Ninja Warrior is soaring high! Let’s check out,

American Ninja Warrior is an American sports entertainment competition. In this several athletes participate to complete the chain of obstacles with the increasing difficulties in various cities across the United States and the last survivor becomes “American Ninja Warrior.”

Well, the legend is back in the game! Jessie Graff is finally back again. She was seen extremely happy to be back and she also performed a joyful cartwheel to the final buzzer. After her wonderful performance, she broke down in tears after the triumph at American Ninja Warrior.
While talking to the host she said, I feel like I’m going to cry.
Last year’s American Ninja Warrior’s finals were missed by Graff. But nevermind the 35-year-old powerful lady has come back with more force, power and strength. In 2018, she qualified, the show’s prestigious Las Vegas round, but unfortunately was not able to participate there due to her job as a stunt woman in Hollywood. She is back and her fans are super excited about her. She has a huge number of fan following on Instagram. She has become an inspiration for running. Also, she completed Stage 1 at Nationals in 2016 and was also the first female to join many others into Ninja world.

When asked, she said I’m both so excited and so nervous to be back! “It’s like my family” she happily added. She is all ready to give a tough fight! She confidently said I’m going to have to be smart to get through it!  She has been to Ninja gym only twice in the year, due to her busy schedule, she added.

But anyway we all know, that lady stands out and holds an amazing level of potentiality to give a tough fight back. Let’s just stay tuned for more exciting updates.