Ezra Miller: A personality that stands out in the domain of Television

Miller, an American actor, has appeared on the television in multiple roles. He refused to categorize himself under discriminations like male and female. He smokes pot and believes that it isn’t harmful. Miller too had a Me Too experience where he was molested by producer and a director of Hollywood.

Ezra and his works

The American actor Ezra Miller has appeared in multiple roles. He made his debut in Afterschool. Next, he was seen in a television series named We need to talk about Kevin in which he played the role of Kevin. He also co-starred in the film adaption named The perks of being a wallflower. He also played in Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them and Fantastic Beasts: Crimes of the Grindelwald. Miller was also portrayed Barry Allen, the Flash in DC: Extended Universe. He made extensions in his career by playing in Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice and was also seen making a cameo in Suicide Squad.

The Queer Life of Ezra Miller

Ezra Miller

Miller is generally labeled as queer as he refuses to identify himself as a man or a woman. Miller has confessed that he was interested in kissing boys when he was a kid. he has also stated that he feels no shame in not identifying himself with the social constructions of gender identities.

some few years ago Miller was held guilty for drug abuse but such charges against him were dropped in a few days. However, he was charged $600 for some disorderly conduct. Miller makes it clear that he smokes pot and says that he is not hesitant regarding sharing this to the media as he believes that it is a herbal substance which is harmless.

A Me Too experience of Miller

Miller has reported that he was molested by two producers and director. He has, though, not revealed their identities to the media. He was under-aged then when he has to face the abuse. However, he was saved before it could turn into anything serious.