Kylie Jenner Is Not Ready To Marry Her Baby Daddy, Travis Scott, But Why?

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott both faced a significant scandal in March this year, and it looks like it had a terrible impact on their relationship.

Kylie doesn’t want to marry Travis

According to a source, it is reported that Kylie Jenner doesn’t want to get married to Travis Scott. It’s being said that she wants to experience more men and isn’t sure that he’s the one for her. Initially, Kylie was desperate to get married, but now she doesn’t crave that kind of love as she’s found it in her daughter, Stormi whom she had with Travis last year.

Kylie and Travis are one of those couples who doesn’t shy away from displaying their love for each other to the public. If you take a look at both of their Instagram accounts, you’ll find tons of posts of them together or posts related to the arrangements that they did to spend quality time with each other.

Their marriage rumors

The couple also loves to tease their fans. Many a time (and we have now lost the count), they have called each other “hubby” and “wife” on social media which has always left the fans wondering whether they’ve secretly tied the knot.

Kylie Jenner

Their marriage rumors were also fueled in February by an Insta post of Travis in which Kylie was seen wearing a big diamond ring on her left ring finger. But later on, in an interview, Kylie denied the rumors and said that if they get engaged then, she’ll let everyone know.

Travis cheating on Kylie

But what rocked their loving relationship was when news broke out in March that Travis might be cheating on Kylie. According to TMZ, it was reported that Kylie confronted Travis with evidence that he cheated on her. It was said that Travis was allegedly sending “over-friendly” DMs to girls on Insta. The couple had a big fight, and from there on, their relation went down the hill.

Travis Scott

Since the scandal, Travis had tried a lot to win back Kylie’s trust, be it by confessing his love to her again and again on several interviews, literally shouting out “I love you wifey” at the ending of his concert at Madison Square Garden at NYC or by wearing a sweatshirt having Kylie’s picture on it during a basketball game.

But going by the latest news about Kylie not wanting to marry Travis, makes us think that it’ll be tough for the rapper to win back her heart this time.