The Boys: Guide, Everything you need to know

The Boys is an Amazon Prime Video adaptation of Garth Ennis’ comic book on wayward superheroes. This series project such as superheroes who are anything but all good. The stars in this upcoming TV series are very much different from the superheroes we enjoy in Marvel and DC. The superheroes here are being chased down by a group of vigilantes for abusing their superpowers.

The trailer offers us a closer look at what the viewers can expect from ‘The Boys. The one thing we are sure of, it’s that the series contains an abundance of sex and violence.

The Boys 2019
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Well, the wait for the series to air is not too long. The Amazon Prime Video eight-episode series of the first season is now set to air on July 26.

The cast includes Karl Urban who plays Billy Butcher, a CIA enforcer who spanks  The Seven — a group of seven superheroes who have become a threat to the public. The actor is famous for his roles in ‘Dredd’ and will be playing a crucial role in ‘The Boys’. Keith Urban’s character approaches Hughie, claiming to be a government operative. His part is also to take down The Seven.

The Boys is a  72-issue comic book series illustrated by Darick Robertson is explicitly gory and brutal. It is more of an adult take on superhero narratives, where everything does not merely boil down to good vs. bad or evil.