The William Tyrrell Case Podcast: What to expect, Uncovering The Full Story Again

Tens announced that they would produce podcasts of the heartbreaking case of William Tyrrell. The podcast will focus on the story of missing child William. The show will me be made with consultation with Tyrrell’s foster parents.

What Will Be In The Podcast 

The podcast will include Lia, the first journalist who was on the scene and has been following the scene ever since. The podcast will include an in-depth interview with the foster parent to talk about the day William went missing. This will also be the first time the parents will talk about their missing son in four years.

William parents say that they will never give up on their son; he was too important to give up; they will never give up ever. The journalist says that every crime journalist has a personal case and says that this is for them. Harris, who will be in the podcast, says that the podcast will clear a lot of misconception about the case. They say the podcast will also bring light to unknown facts about the case.

The podcast will also deal with the initial development of the case and regarding the lead detective Gary Jubelin. Gary has a really good history of solving these types of crime and has been hailed by the victims family, including the parents of Leveson and the families of the children murdered in Bowraville.

However, Jubelin was charged with four offenses on Friday, June 21, relating to alleged breaches of the Surveillance Devices Act. Jubelin strongly denies the allegation and says he had a strong reason to do so. Jubelin says he was too close to closing the case, but now someone is creating problems for him.