Why did Kit Harington went to Rehab after completing Game of Thrones filming


    The Games of Thrones star Kit Harington is back in London after completing rehab for stress and alcohol abuse.

    Kit Harington On A Stroll

    The Games of Thrones star was out strolling with a coffee cup in hand. This Monday, the 32-year old was spotted all relaxed on the streets of North London. He went to the Luxury Rehab of Connecticut in April with support of his wife, Rose Leslie.

    The Breakdown Why did Kit Harington went to Rehab after completing Game of Thrones filming

    The show’s final episode took a toll on him which caused a lot of stress. He broke down on the sets of the shoot. Kit is very proud of his decision; to take help in such tormenting time. He was very terrified with all the attention that his character Jon was getting during the end episodes. Sadly the show is over, and Kit wished to stay Jon for a longer time.

    Fans Support

    Fans supported Kit massively after his stint in rehab. They rose more than £40,000 for charity. The dearly loved star is well taken care of not only by his family and friends but also by fans. Fans are actively asking everyone to contribute to the charity Mencap which Kit supports. It was an act of gratitude, and fans really enjoyed Jon’s role. They used the help of this fundraiser to show Kit how much they care and love him. His hard work is well appreciated by the viewers.

    Kit was relieved when the show ended because it was stressful to get so much attention, but he was also in grief as he could not be Jon anymore. We hope he stays healthy and gets better.