David Bautista: the brave man is all set for his new arrival! Let’s check out!

Dave Bautista is an American actor and a retired professional wrestler, also a bodybuilder and a former mixed, martial artist.
David is famously known for his badass roles in some of the very popular movie franchise.
He has been truly amazing as a badass character. With his successful wrestling careers, he has also done some brilliant work in the movie industry. This man has proven himself in the best way possible both off-screen and on-screen.

Currently, Bautista is busy promoting his upcoming movie Stuber which will be premiered on 12th July 2019. And during his promotions, he was undoubtedly asked about his comments made on James Bunn bye bye to Disney.

Bautista was the only cast member from the franchise to speak out loud and heart out about how disappointed he was as Disney fired Gunn. Despite knowing, that his comments might destroy his career he was brave enough to stand for his friend and be outspoken about his views. He clearly supported James as a true friend. And what a true friend he is! When asked in an interview, he clearly stated that he wasn’t pretty much concerned about his career, as he always knew that if his career was totally over, he could get back to his wrestling ring anytime.

Well now the things have changed, and clearly, after a year, he is all set to come back on screens and rule the theaters with his new film where he is experimenting a very genre. The 6’3 mountain man is experiencing tremendous joy and find himself in a surreal state right now, as Stuber is his first lead role film in the studio film and also the very first time, bonafide comedy genre! Sounds really exciting for all his fans.

Well with the conversation, with THR, he confirmed that he and Gunn had already discussed him appearing in the Suicide Squad.

His fans are waiting for his new arrival and cannot wait to hit the theaters soon!