Song Song couple split up: Song Hye-Kyo & Song Joong-Ki file for divorce & Here’s why

Most of the marriage gets a happy ending unfortunately, this is not the case for the descendant of suns couple. The Korean Couple is officially getting a divorce.


The Korean Celebrity couple is officially getting a divorce. Song Joong Ki said on social media that he hopes for an amicable divorce. Joong Ki also posted that he thanks all his fans for the love and support.

The statement which has been given for the reason for divorce is that they just have a different point of view. It seems this time a celebrity divorce isn’t going to be that fancy. Song Hye Kyo posted that they just can’t seem to match their thinking.

Song Joong also stated very politely that he is filing for a divorce. He says that they both don’t want to play who is to blame. The couple shows agreement to the separation and doesn’t want to create any drama. Song also wrote that it is difficult for him to discuss his personal life and he would love support from the fans.

The couple sure as hell don’t want to make their life a public stage. The reason for their divorce is the difference in their personalities and unable to overcome those differences. When Song Hye Kyo appeared on the carpet without her wedding ring it was already speculation that they were going through a divorce.

The couple met during the filming of the descendants of the sun and got married in Oct 2017. The security was very tight but it was told that the groom was crying even before saying the vows.