“Spider Man: Into the Spider-Verse” is now on Netflix!!! Go watch it…..

Spider-man franchise is the most famous and loved animated series, hands down. People are crazy when it comes to Spider-Man movies. They can go to any extent and watch every release….

Last year “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse” became a massive hit. Along with super successful box office run, the film bagged an Oscar award declaring it the best animated featured film. It was won a Golden Globe Award in the same category.

It did a business of $375.5 million USD in a short span. Really sky is the limit for such kind of masterpiece. The film received tons of positive reviews from critiques as well as audience.

Now that the film has done really well, Sony is now planning for some sequels and spin offs. As per sources, the team has started working on the script and concept for the next sequel. That’s great!!! It means in anytime you can hear from the makers about their next project.

As of now, another fantastic news is here is surprise Spider Man fans… “Spider Man: Into the Spider- Verse” is now also available on Netflix. Fans do not need to hit the theaters for watching this film. They can simply enjoy it on Netflix. Isn’t it a bumper gift for the fans???

Netflix recently tweeted that “Spider Man: Into the Spider-Verses” is now streaming  worldwide on Netflix that too for an unlimited time. We hope fans take full advantage of this decision and watch the latest Spider Man movie.

While it is speculated that Tom Holland was supposed do a cameo in this film as another Peter Parker. The actor himself confirmed this news.  We do wish to see Tom in the next Spider Man film.

Till then enjoy the film on Netflix!!!