FIFA 20 is on the way and are you excited? Only Real Gamers are Excited about it.


    FIFA gameplay series on of the favorite video gameplay for millions of football fans. The FIFA series started from the late ’90s and leading to the latest release of “FIFA 20’ in 2019. FIFA 20 is going to release on 27th of September following the former pattern of releasing on late September. The developers are EA Sports and EA Vancouver, published by Electronic Arts as it’s 27th installment.

    What’s interesting in FIFA 20?
    In the former gameplay’s we have been familiar with normal high-level football fields and famous players for the match, but this gameplay is introducing street style football termed as Volta Football taking you to the old street style cultural way. To be more precise, let’s have a look at the points :
    • Along with the traditional 11v11 gaming, FIFA 20 has brought 3v3, 4v4, 5v5 making it little different and interesting.
    • Ball physics- the new gameplay has a great development in ball physics with its bounce, pace, rate of flow with proper physics strategy to give it more realism.
    • In street-style player can develop their very own character, which in itself is exciting?
    • Along with the ball the player’s pace, timings have also been improved. There is an improvement in the defense mechanism.
    • The speed skills and attacking options is not ignored; they have also developed with everything.

    Overall the game flow will be much smoother and easier to handle this time. FIFA 20 will be available in Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The graphics, physics and other factors as mentioned above has increased the gaming realism making it feel like you are really in the football field. Players who are EA Access player will get to experience the gameplay beforehand on September 19. Isn’t the facts enough to excite you for the upcoming release? If yes then don’t wait and go watch the trailer and gear up as soon as possible.