WWE Wrestler Tommy Dreamer Opens Up About Battling Severe Depression

Tommy Dreamer is not an unknown name for a fan of wrestling. He is an American professional wrestler. Dreamer’s popularity is best known due to his tenures in Extreme Championship Wrestling and World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE).

He also has his own wrestling promotion company called House of Hardcore.

Well, when everything looks just picture perfect, Dremer too suffers from some personal issues. Recently this strong and powerful man has opened up about depression issues that he has been fighting for quite a few times.

Severe Depression

It is really brave enough on Dreamer’s part to come up and talk frankly about his own personal depression issues. Depression is a very relevant problem that the current generation deals with.


On his House of Hardcore Podcast, Dreamer revealed about his struggles of depression. He expressed how his mental health deteriorated to such an extent where he even thought of committing suicide. He also confessed how he wanted to murder Paul Heyman at Wrestle Mania X-Seven.

How It Started

It’s not new to Dreamer at all. He first experienced depression in his high school days after being heartbroken by a girl. He suffered from loneliness and became totally hopeless. He said- “I was fifteen, knocking on sixteen, and a girl broke up with me. And, shockingly, I dated this girl for a while and never slept with her.” He continued by saying “And I remember being so upset and not wanting to get up, not wanting to get out of bed and I didn’t want to tell my parents.”

He expressed that he had a perfect family and a great life. He never wanted to bother his parents about his loneliness and dealing with depression.

He felt lost and took a step further to hurt himself physically. He took a knife to harm himself. Dreamer, in fact, showed the scar of his wrist as well. He even thought of jumping off the window.

Recent Issues

With the ending of ECW, Dreamer experienced his second bout of mental illness and depression. He was devastated when his close friend Paul Heyman betrayed him and his affiliation with WWE.

He confessed how Paul begged him to stay at ECW, and how he took advantage of him. Though he had money, women, and fame, still he considers being the worst part of his life.

Back To Life

Dreamer agrees that he needed help and a phone call from a stranger changed his life. Jim Ross helped to put his life back in track once again.