You heard that right “13 Reasons Why”Season 3: Entirely based on Clay’s side of the story!!!

13 Reasons Why is returning soon with its season 3. Yes, You heard that right!!! Fans have to wait for some more time to watch season 3. Hannah’s suicide mystery will also get solved this time. Indeed its good news for Hannah fans in that case…

But still, we are not sure if makers will continue Hannah’s suicide mystery track again in this season. After the big failure of Season 2, makers are going to bring some twist to make the storyline enjoyable. Well, we don’t deny the fact that Hannah’s character is the backbone of the show, but it seems like we have had enough of Hannah in the last of us 2 Seasons.

This time everyone is looking for something more interesting. Makers also have a similar approach for this Season. As per sources, Season 3 would revolve around our very beloved Clay. The finale of season 2  was all about Clay’s attempt to save the school from the mass shooting. Tyler’s plan failed miserably and could not carry out school shoot just because of Clay.

But Clay fans are little worried. Season 2’s last episode ended while Clay was holding Tyler’s gun. Now, what season 3 has in store for the viewers?? Will Clay get arrested?? How will he prove himself innocent in front of cops??? Will other classmates support Clay???

So many questions are there and no one to answer. We have to wait till Season 3 goes on air as makers are also not in a mood to reveal anything……But it will be interesting to watch Clay’s side of the story. His love for Hannah… His desire to solve Hannah’s suicide mystery… will be worth watching.

As of now, only the release date is out. This season will be up anytime in October 2019. We are still waiting for the fixed time and more plot details…