Black Widow is set to introduce Yelena Belova in its upcoming release !!!!

Ever since Marvel group introduced Black widow, fans have been waiting for a solo Black Widow movie…

There has been constant anticipation that MCU will release details about this major project. But to everyone surprise, MCU brought a dramatic end to Black Widow’s character. In order to save the universe, Back Widow sacrificed her life in Avengers: Endgame.

This take on Black Widow’s fate was very disappointing for the fans. But now we have good in store for readers!!!! MCU is filming a Black Widow solo movie currently in Budapest. The film is under post production work. Though MCU has not revealed anything officially. But all thanks to technology…. Some set pics are uploaded on the internet, thus giving us assurance that the film will be in theaters very soon.


As per sources, MCU is planning to release this movie on 1 May 2020. So a little wait will bring fans a fantastic film!!!

Black Widow’s controversial death will bring many dynamics to the film. It is believed that it will be a prequel based on Natasha’s early training life. It is also expected to introduce a new villain named Taskmaster. That means a good action sequence is ready to entertain the audience.

The most awaited aspect in the film will be the debut of Yelena Belova’s character. ¬†Florence Pugh will play this another Black Widow character in the film. She is supposed to have powers just like Natasha. Well, this will bring a major twist in Marvel movies. They have to incorporate Yelena in such a way that it gets exciting for the fans. Moreover, Yelena will more or less resemble her comic counterpart.

MCU is focusing on its Spider-Man movie for now. Though soon it will break this good news to Marvel fans.