Can “Annabelle comes home” keep conjuring’s standard high at the box office.

While Toy Story 4 is still ruling the No. 1 position at the box office for the second weekend, there are two smaller budget movies which are expected to give a tough fight to Toy story 4 secure the No. 1 position. One is the “spiderman far from home” and the second one is a Warner Bros, and new line’s next instalment of the horror conjuring series “Annabelle comes home”. Fans are eagerly waiting for both movies.

In the race, Annabelle will be the first to enter the screens. There will be an opening Tuesday night for previews before the movie hits 3525 screens on Wednesday. The Warner bros are projecting a five day opening of $30 million, while independent trackers are keeping there hopes high and planning $40 million opportunities. By the comparison of the last instalment form the Annabelle series”Annabelle creation”  made a grand opening with $35 million over three days in August.

It has been six years since conjuring franchise was launched to horror the box office and there is no other franchise which can do it better. This franchise chooses a low budget for there movies, and this gives them more opportunities to release against a bigger budget movie and decrease the risk of Financial loss. “IT” from this franchise is the forefront in this line, and it is breaking all the records. IT has a grossed around $700 million in the budget of just $30 million. So we can say that this strategy is working well.

Annabelle comes home catches up with the famous dolls Ed and Lorraine placed it in their collection of most terrifying items. Now, Annabelle brings forth all the evil spirits in that collection, attacking the Warrens’ daughter Judy (Mckenna Grace) after they are foolishly unleashed by her two babysitters (Madison Iseman and Katie Sarife).