Friends to a married couple David Foster and Katherine become real-life partners

It is truly amazing when best friends become real-life partners. Thus, their bond and relation become absolutely unbreakable. Well, this is the exact case with David and Katherine McPhee.

The duo has been best of friends and collaborators for almost a decade now. They first met during American Idol in 2006. Katherine was a participant at that time and David was her music coach. So it means that even before friends, they shared a teacher and student bond. David was the one who produced Katherine’s debut single.

Indeed amazing….their bond has survived so many years and still many more to go. Apparently, now their roller coaster ride has come to an end and they have successfully found true love.

On 28 June, David and Katherine tied the knot at a church wedding in South Kensington. It was nothing that grand. Their guest list had nearly 150 members. It was a private ceremony with families and close friends. Mrs. Foster was dressed in a designer gown by celebrity designer Posen. David also looked handsome in the tuxedo by Stefano Ricci.

The couple got engaged last year. It is the second marriage for Katherine and fifth for David. There is a massive age gap of 34 years but that hardly matters when you are in love. Love always finds it way despite of all the hurdles.

The actress herself announced this big good news. She took to insta and posted a video confirming the wedding news. This also throws light on another aspect. Their wedding date coincides with the release date of Katherine’s first single which was produced by David only. What a great coincidence!!!!

We wish Mrs. and Mr. Foster a happy married life ….. May the newlyweds enjoy each other’s company for the rest of life.