Paul Gazza abuses Snoop Dogg- Calls Him An Ugly “t__t” Find Out More

Well, celebrity fights are nothing new. They always come up with new controversies providing people a good deal of entertainment. The Internet world is going gaga suddenly over the current tiff between Paul Gascoigne and Snoop Dogg.

The Fight

Snoop Dogg shared a photo on Instagram of Paul, showing what damages he had done to his appearance due to alcohol. He posted a picture of both of them to show the ill effects of alcohol.

He picked up an image of him and the former England midfielder Paul at the ages of 20 and 47. He wanted to compare and tell that marijuana addiction is safer than alcohol addiction.


Well, initially, Paul did not react negatively. Rather he quite appreciated the generous gesture of Snoop Dogg. He tweeted saying- “Wow thanks so much for your tweets loved them. As you can see a few tears. But honestly, I love you’s guys be good to enjoy the rest of the day. Huge hugs from Gazza”.

Hit Back

Things were fine till now. But Gazza started an attack on Snoop, making all things nasty and dirty. On Friday he hit back Snoop with an inappropriate image. He tweeted a picture of a dog which he edited to make it appear like Snoop Dogg with two braids and chain around his neck.


He posted this image with a caption saying- ” Morning Snoop Dog. Get your lazy a**e out of bed it’s walkies time woof woof you ugly t**t LOVE GAZZA”.

Gazza started the fight beforehand. He tweeted his manager saying- ” Just when U thought it was safe two get out of the water f****ng Snoop Dogg turns up. FFS SHANE, what’s he snooping about for, from GAZZA x.”


Snoop Dog was severely criticized for putting up the comparison image at first. Many people on Twitter trolled him for his foolish activity.

Piers Morgan wrote- ” This is nasty. Shame on you Snoop Dogg”.

Other Twitter users showed their disgust for Snoop Dogg. Some even wrote, ” lost all respect for Snoop.”

On the other hand, Gazza was appreciated for taking a bold step against Snoop. Some said, “won Twitter of the day.”

Check out Twitter to see the tweets and this ugly fight between Gazza and Snoop Dogg.