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Bond 25: Daniel Craig is Back to Shoot & Will Grace Jones Do the Cameo Role in the Movie?

“Bond 25” currently shooting on London will release on 13th of February.

Is Grace Jones doing a cameo?

Earlier Grace Jones was doing a secret cameo on the film after her appearance as May Day in 1985 007 “A view to a kill.” But recently the news had spread that when she reached the set for her shoot with Craig (James Bond), she denied doing the scene.

Grace Jones

Later this year after the beginning of the shoot of Bond 25, Grace uploaded a picture of her on Instagram, which confirmed that she is going to be the part of the movie. The background of the photo was from one of the locations from the set of the film.

Why Grace Jones declined to do the cameo?

According to the sources, her scene had very few lines which were not up to her expectations. The scene was true with the agent 007, but still, she found it very minor as per her position in the industry.

She wanted to add a few more lines for her cameo appearance and thus left the set as soon as she read her part. She is already a part of James Bond series by her appearance in “A view to a kill” so it is quite sure to have more expectations from her cameo role.

Is Daniel Craig back after the surgery?

Daniel Craig back after the surgery

Daniel came back recently after rehabilitation for two weeks. His scene was to be set with Grace earlier, but later he did some other scenes for the movie.

How did Daniel Craig got injured?

He got injured while shooting an action scene when he fell on the set.
His ankle ligaments were injured, and thus, he had to undergo surgery plus with two weeks rest.

image credit: youtube.com

Will she join the shoot later after few changes?

Well, it is not confirmed whether the director Cari will have some changes for Grace. Will replace the scene with another?

Fans were very excited to see her secret appearance in their favorite series.

What is the movie about?

The movie is about the rescue of a scientist who is kidnapped by the villain.

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