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Does Brad Pitt knows about Angelina Jolie’s Bell’s Palsy condition

Angelina Jolie is the prominent name in Hollywood. She is a top-notch celebrity with millions of fans following and hundreds of admirer. But with the fact of being a celebrity, there’s a whole different level of struggles and things to look out for. Angie is also struggling with health conditions, and in addition to that, she is coping with the apparent split with her husband, Brad Pitt.

Angie previously had a double mastectomy and removed ovaries and fallopian tube. This resulted in early menopause. But she did this to prevent cancer which she was developed by 87%. After that her health turned out to face another problem; Bell’s Palsy.

Does Brad Pitt knows about Angelina Jolie's Bell's Palsy conditionlina Jolie may be malnourished coz stress after divorce from Brad Pitt
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Angelina Jolie reported back in July 2017 that she has been diagnosed with Bell’s palsy. Jolie said that her one side of face started to dangle as she felt hypertension or high blood pressure and Bell’s Palsy. Jolie mentioned that menopause and eventual hormonal change after surgery had triggered the Bell’s Palsy.

Bell’s Palsy is a type of transitory facial loss of motion that occurs because of harm or injury to an individual’s facial nerves. The facial nerves control the motion of each one muscle ins the face, even including the blinking of an eye. When Bell’s Palsy occurs, the nerve can’t connect with the brain to provide the message to muscles, and the face suffers sudden weakness or paralysis.

Bell’s palsy happens to both men and women, mostly before the age of 15 and after 60. But one suffering from Bell’s Palsy can recover fully without the optimum treatment with symptoms clearing up in a week or two.


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