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Kendall Jenner is not satisfied with Justin Bieber’s romantic post for his wife Hailey Baldwin

Justin’s romantic post for his wife has made everyone go aww, but Kendall has something more to say. 

Famous singer and songwriter Justin Beiber got married to the American model Hailey Baldwin last year, but have known each other and have spent time together for years. Unfortunately, they did not have the opportunity for a proper wedding ceremony where they could invite their friends and family because Justin was suffering from mental health issues related to depression and anxiety.

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Recently when Justin Bieber posted a selfie with his wife on Instagram, people started adoring the couple even more. Justin posted a selfie with Hailey in her arms and alongside he added a message for Hailey. He is not shy to show the world how much he loves her. The caption to the picture read as- “These are the moments I live for.. alone time with you refreshes my soul. You are so out of my league, and I’m okay with that! You are mine and I am yours #foreverandever #tilthewheelsfalloff.”


Justin seemed to have claimed Hailey all to himself and Kendall Jenner who is a good friend of Hailey could not accept it, so she had shown the little possession that she has over her friend which she did by adding her comment to the post as “she’s a little bit mine too.”

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Kendall and Hailey have been good friends and have been spotted hanging out together. Now, it is known that Kendall is even a little possessive about her and probably for all of her friends.

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